When you see a monocle do you think of monopoly? When a letter ends with “xoxo” do you wonder what type of tic tac toe they’re playing? Do you just like to have fun?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then head on over to your local Rhinoceros Toy Store and give the Gamery a try.

Pick a game from our menu, let our friendly staff teach you how to play, and then let the fun begin!

Have you heard the news? Your local Rhinoceros Toy Store now features a stellar Gamery!

What’s a Gamery, you ask? Why, its a cafe that serves up your favorite games and puzzles. And with over 200 games and puzzles to choose from, what are you waiting for? Head on over and get that brain of yours some substance!

The Rhinoceros Gamery welcomes game players and puzzle makers young and old, from all walks of life.

How It Works | Pricing

How it works

Pick from our menu of available games. Need a recommendation? No problem! We’re happy to provide suggestions and keep you in the loop of the hottest and newest games. What’s more, you can change your mind and choose a different game at any point during your table time.

Learn how to play the game from our friendly staff. Once you’ve chosen a game, our staff will get the game set up and teach you the ‘quick start-up’ for the game.

Just have fun! You and your group can play your chosen game or games as many times as your table time allows for. If you want, you can even switch games during your table time as well.


When you visit the Rhinoceros Gamery you’ll be paying for table time.

1/2 Hour $5.00*
One Hour $10.00*
*The above prices do not include tax.

You can seat up to six people at each of our Gamery tables. And when you’re paying for time, you and up to five of your friends can play as many different games as you like!